Vessel engine and machinery spare parts literally means spare parts in order to prepare for unexpected break
down and provide the parts necessary to repair a wide variety of machinery. When building, necessary spare
parts should be secured in the main line to maintain the proper function of the ships. It strictly follows the
safety guidelines contained in the international regulations. We supply international standardized machinery
spare parts

- Steering Gear : Needs “Rudder” in order to make a vessel move in the required directions
(should put the rudder behind the propeller as it functions better. Most vessels have a rudder at the end of the
- Loading/Unloading Gear
Equipment that is to load and unload the cargo
- Mooring /Anchoring gear
  Equipment that assists vessels come alongside the port or operates the anchor inside and outside the port
- Voyage / Communication Gear
Equipment needed for voyage such as Speed Controller, GPS, Compass , Obstacle Detection and Communication

- Main Engine : Power generator to move the propeller
Main engine should be installed in a very restricted area of the vessel. Since it is impossible to replace until the
  vessel is done and it is hard to dispatch an engineer to fix it, and has to be strong in humid and salty conditions.
  It also needs to be simple because it has to be installed in poor conditions. It must have low failure rate, long life
and flexibility between high and low speed
- Auxiliary Engine : Vessel needs equipments such as compressed air and oil pressure to make other energy as well
  as the main engine. It also needs circulation and washing equipment for fuel and lubricant, coolant circulator, heat
  exchanger etc-…
- Electrical Equipment : It needs to supply electricity to the various auxiliary engines, provide illumination inside and
  outside of the vessel, voyage communication equipment and other electronic devices
- Generator